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Alice Story Telling

A few years ago i came accross this wonderful cartoon/animation building software called Alice. This is a very innovative software to learn concepts of object programming. I wanted to teach my daughter Sabah, but she was only 4 at that time. Now she is 6 and is able to read. So installed the Alice Story telling application. She was amazingly quick to go through the 3 built in tutorials. I am working with her to learn it more and be able to make simple stories in it. This software was developed by the late CMU professor Randy Paush. See this inspirational video called “The Last Lecture”.

Moved Over Geocities Website

I moved the geocities website navacrony and seminavacron to my hosting site. Navacrony and SemiNavacron. It was very difficult downloading each file individually. I used the wget to download the mirror of the site.

wget –mirror –w 2 –p –HTML-extension –-convert-links –P c:\wget_files\example1

wget is a unix tool. It can also be downloaded with cygwin for windows.