Google Web App or Other Low Cost Hosting Service?

I am evaluating if one were to deploy a “weekend” .com project which would be a better choice between google app infrastructure vs regular isp e.g.

Pros of Google Web App
1) Free for certain bandwidth/ disk usage.
2) Integrated dev enviornment with gwt and google apps framework. Integration with eclipse development platform.
3) Scalable/reliable architecture that google uses.
4) Can use gmail based autentication in applications.

1) No normalized database. JDO based custom database. The query interface is webbased.
2) No support for PHP. Many tools are built on php/mysql platform, that i can get access to on regular hosting service.
3) JVM has restrictions e.g. no multithreaded code, beside the servlet threading itself.
4) Very rigid work flow for application development/deployment. Its both good and bad. Lesser choices are sometime good.