Finished Natural Language Processing Course CS224N

Finished Natural Language Processing Course CS224N

Been a long time i havent written my blog. I was busy studying Natural Language Processing taught by Professor Chris Manning from Stanford. It was a a pretty useful course, and was very hands on with 3 programming assignments and a final project.

These are the few things that i learned and found very useful.

  • Machine translation using parallel corpa from different language. We implemented various IBM models for machine translations. Heart of them was EM algorithm
  • Creating language model one of the assignment made us create a language model from european parliment text and de scramble emails
  • Max Ent to label entities in a biological corpus
  • Wrote a part of speech parser

My final project was to predict stock volatility from quarterly transcripts. We used Scalar vector regression using features such as bag of words.

All in all it was a pretty useful and hands on course.