Found an article I wrote about COG The Humanoid Robot. Exactly 10 years ago.

The Humanoid Robot Cog for ACM

The ending of the article was optimistic, that we would have humanoids common place. Aibo was promising, but it was discontinued by Sony many years ago. In fact I could not find a single telepresence robot for home usage. I feel in 10 years no significant progress is made. When i search for robots I still find rovers and toy like robots. I hope bigger companies get into home automation and robotics for the masses. A decent vacuum cleaner/telepresence, hooked up to home sensors robot would be something useful for the home. Turtlebot seems something in the right direction, but expensive. iPhone robot Romo is interesting, but is too small and more toyish.

Picture of my bansuri



Bansuri is a 6 hole flute from the subcontinent (Pakistan, India). I have many of these but this one i bought from USA ( it says flute by Bansijeff ). My aspiration is to be able to play a Pakistani or Indian song and make a youtube video of it. Still need more practice before i do that.

Great introductory lesson on bansuri on youtube. However it is in Punjabi language.

Post after a long time. Tried to upgrade b2evolution. (Hence migrating to WordPress)

Tried it but started getting php errors. Thankfully i had saved my backup instructions.
Please save following information. You will need it in order to restore if something went wrong

If you don’t have SSH access, ask support to help you:
– Remove the directory /home/account/public_html/blog
– Untar /home/account/fantastico_backups/blog.backup.tgz
– Empty the database dbname
– Import the file /home/account/fantastico_backups/blog/backup.sql into the database dbname
– Move /home/account/fantastico_backups/blog to /home/account/public_html/blog