At JavaOne 2013

Went to JavaOne 2013 held in San Francisco. Was a great learning experience. However I felt that the JavaOne website to schedule conference was bit outdated. Java seems to be an aging language, though the most used. As the architect for Java said, Java is not dead yet, referencing the new feature of Java 8 i.e. closures and streams.

Some of the stuff I learnt

  • Java 8 Closures Streams
  • Programming with Java on Raspberry Pi. See my project mentioned on the Java site called Domotix.
  • MongoDb
  • Elastic Search
  • New features for Spring
  • Introduction to R

Also saw Maroon 5 at the Oracle party at Treasure Island.

With Humanoid robot Nao at the conference. Nao is the humanoid platform for robocup tournament.