Sublime Text 3 is my favorite text editor

This text editor is by far my favorite! It picks up where textmate left off. It has the ease of use of a simple text editor, and can be enhanced to mimic a full fledge IDE. It has  a great plugin support. I especially love the SublimeRepl plugin and make scripting repl programming very easy (easier than emacs). I have tried repl with python, octave, shell, works really great. Some useful plugins are

  • SublimeRepl – for repl integration to python, shell, octave, ocaml, scheme etc.
  • GoSublime – for GoLang development
  • PacakgeControl – the first plugin to install to manage all plugins
  • Git – Can do most of git commands from Sublime
  • Terminal – Open path of file in xterm

Command P or Command+Shit+P gives you most of the power to run most of your plugins, or search.