Lahore Winters

In memory of my favorite pass time and hobby when I was a kid and teenager. Basant was one festival I would wait all year long, marking days on my calendar. I recently discovered that Basant is celebrated in Brooklyn and I went to celebrate it. Basant is the festival to celebrate end of winters and beginning of spring.


Tennis Post

These days I am playing Ocean County League matches. Ive had my first game. Also having fun playing with friends double matches.

Also my daughters played their first USTA 10 and under tournament. They both got their first tennis medals. I feel so proud of them!

Basant 2013 Newyork Kite Flying Festival



At  Floyd Bennett Field to celebrate Basant kit flying festival. This is an age old tradition in the subcontinent to mark the start of spring and the harvesting season. It is also a competition where one tries to cut the opponent kites string.  Its the same style of kites that are flown in the movie Kite Runner. Today was a very windy day, and in spite of rain forecast a good 30 to 40 people showed up. Loud music, and festive mood and colorful kites in the sky, was tons of fun!

Picture of my bansuri



Bansuri is a 6 hole flute from the subcontinent (Pakistan, India). I have many of these but this one i bought from USA ( it says flute by Bansijeff ). My aspiration is to be able to play a Pakistani or Indian song and make a youtube video of it. Still need more practice before i do that.

Great introductory lesson on bansuri on youtube. However it is in Punjabi language.


I recently purchased a podometer from Walmart. A podometer is a device that measures the number of steps walked. On average i walk about 4000 steps i.e. when i am not making an effort. For example a walk from port authjority to my office on 7th, 42nd street avenue is about 500 steps. I started keeping track of my steps on this free website The site keeps track of your average, totals, had nice charting abilities. Too loose weight one needs to average 10000 steps. The tops i have done walking is about 8000 steps!

Dil Dil Pakistan. Happy Independence Day Pakistan

Nostalgic Pakistani patriotic song by Vital Signs. This used to be played on PTV (Pakistan Television) the only Pakistani TV channel at that time, when i was in class 6. Vitial signs and Junoon were the only pop/rock groups at that time, and it was refreshing to see this song played on TV among many classical (read old fashioned) songs played on TV.

14 August was day when Pakistan got independence from Britain.

Wikipedia Pakistan

Jinnah Movie
Jinnah Movie