CatGAN – Cat Faces Generative Adversarial Networks Conditional GAN Using Pytorch

Released CatGan code. This was done as last assignment for NYU Deep Learning course, taught by Yann Lecun. This is a conditional GAN, and can train it to generate 4 different types of cats i.e. white, golden, black and mix.

The following is output conditioned on golden cats. By favorite one is 3rd one from the right in the first row. Everytime the GAN is run it will generate unique cats like these. For more cats visit the github page.

Golden Cats from CatGAN
Golden Cats from CatGAN



PyTorch Deep Learning Neural Network and Chain Rule Tutorial

I have release ipython tutorial notebooks for neural network  using pytorch. Pytorch is implementation of torch in python released by Facebook. This is what is being used in the Deep Learning course that I am taking at NYU, taught by professor Yann Lecun

This uses the autograd feature that is unique to pytoch and torch (not available in tensorflow). This is pytorch version of cs231n


Sublime Text 3 is my favorite text editor

This text editor is by far my favorite! It picks up where textmate left off. It has the ease of use of a simple text editor, and can be enhanced to mimic a full fledge IDE. It has  a great plugin support. I especially love the SublimeRepl plugin and make scripting repl programming very easy (easier than emacs). I have tried repl with python, octave, shell, works really great. Some useful plugins are

  • SublimeRepl – for repl integration to python, shell, octave, ocaml, scheme etc.
  • GoSublime – for GoLang development
  • PacakgeControl – the first plugin to install to manage all plugins
  • Git – Can do most of git commands from Sublime
  • Terminal – Open path of file in xterm

Command P or Command+Shit+P gives you most of the power to run most of your plugins, or search.