On Intelligence Review

So I have finally finished reading On Intelligence/ Mostly read it on my commute to NY on bus.

i think the book could have been written in less than 100 or maybe 50 pages. Filled with the authors personal views about intelligence. Also is full of analogies, pages and pages of analogies. The gist of the book is that knowledge in our brain is stored in hiearchies, and the brain is always making predictions e.g. when you are listening to a song the next note is already predicted by your brain, and the brain does that for everything we do.

I thought the book revealed nothing new. Tree is a universal data structure (hiearchical), and CS people already know about that, but have not discovered true AI. Nor the prediction is a new thing, programming language compilers are impplicitly doing the same thing, i.e. looking for the next expected token, i.e. if not found throw a compiler error.

So it was interesting to know that the neo cortex behaves in a certain fashion (at place the author was filling the knowledge gaps of the brain by his own assumptions e.g. this part of the brain may possibly work like this), but the book is not any breakthrough. I.e. you cannot write an intelligent program after reading this book. It will only give you inspiration to dig in deeper.